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Go Global with a Network Connection from MTZ Electric LLC

It’s practically impossible to live in the modern world without the Internet: for most it’s inconceivable. That’s why MTZ Electric LLC offers fast, efficient, and professional network connections and data wiring services. Our goal is to connect you to the world and everything it has to offer.

Computer Networks

Nowadays, most people want wireless networks installed in their homes. It allows them to connect their mobile devices, appliances, and laptops to the Internet from anywhere in the building. In fact, most portable devices can only connect to wireless systems: that’s why it has become the norm.

If you need a secure connection that’s reliable and extremely fast, you probably want a wired home network. This is great for those who plan on installing a home theater system and for gamer clients this is the ideal setup because you’ll never lose connection. We can install Ethernet cables in strategic spots throughout your home so that you can connect where you want, when you want.

Many of our clients choose both. We can install a modem data cabling setup with multiple Ethernet ports for a direct connection; alongside, we can also install a router that delivers wireless signals to any device that you wish to connect to.

TV Installation

Most modern TV’s that are sold are called smart TV’s. This means they can connect to the Internet. With a smart TV, you can stream movies and TV shows, or even browse the Internet. We can install and program your smart TV so that it is connected to either a wireless home network or a wired home network. This is exciting technology that has dramatically changed the way we experience TV programs. Our installation experts can even program your remote control for you.

Home Theater System

For many people, a smart TV just won’t cut it. They want the real experience of the movies, right in their own home. As certified and insured low voltage electricians, we can do full home theater system installations. That may mean threading the various video, audio, and data cables through the walls of your home. It may mean building outlets to plug those cables in. It may mean installing a surround sound system or even building speakers right into your walls. The possibilities are quite vast: it’s all up to you. Our data wiring experts can handle any job you can throw at them.

Security System

When it comes to residential data networks, security systems might be the most exciting innovation in recent years. We can install CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras outside your home which you can stream on your laptop or phone. If something suspicious occurs and the alarm sounds, your security system will contact you and your security service provider.

We work with all the leading security service providers in the country. Once we’ve installed your system, they’ll take over the monitoring for a subscription fee. If anything happens, there’s always someone keeping an eye on things! You and the authorities will be notified immediately, and action will be taken.

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